Wake Up Johnny – Cégünk egészséges italok gyártásával és forgalmazásával foglalkozik. Mindhárom italunk jelentősen hozzájárul az egészséges életmód megfelelő kialakításához. Immunerősítő hatása a benne lévő vitaminoknak és a huminsavnak köszönhető.



The gift of nature

In our time the lack of micronutrients affects almost everyone. Even if you take care to eat a diet of healthy, whole foods, you can still not be sure that you have taken all mineral nutrients and vitamins that you need.

As the solid becomes increasingly depleted of nutrients, plants no longer contain the volume of nutrients that human needs. However, vitamins taken in the form of nutritional supplements cannot be appropriately absorbed if the minerals and micronutrients are not available in sufficient quantity.

In fact, the human body will not be able to absorb the ingested minerals and micronutrients, unless they are present in the form of organic molecular complexes. This is where humic acids can be helpful, among others.

Our company deals with the production and distribution of healthy drinks. All three of our drinks contribute significantly to a healthy lifestyle. The vitamins and the humic acids are boosting the immune system.