Wake Up Johnny – Wake Up Johnny

Wake Up Johnny

Wake Up Johnny is the drink of Responsible Alcohol Consumption.

A Wake Up Johnny drink consumed before, during or after having alcoholic drinks will ensure perfect metabolism. Therefore, the human body is capable of breaking down alcohol much faster.

The anti-oxidants will be present in the body in a sufficient quantity and will terminate the free radicals, which means that the well-known symptoms of HANGOVER, PAINFUL HEADACHE AND NAUSEA will not emerge.

Some of the active ingredients of Wake Up Johnny Hangover refreshment are responsible for optimising the exhaustible state of the human body after excessive consumption of alcohol, so you will sleep soundly and wake up refreshed.

Wake Up Johnny is poised to become a favourite drink, not only with persons fond of alcoholic drinks, but also with athletes, managers and students, because the beneficial effects of vitamins B complex, C, E and honey will optimise the functioning of the body.

What is Wake Up Johnny Hangover Drink?

  • A soft drink that promotes the neutralization of alcohol!
  • It promotes the breakdown of ingested alcohol.
  • Helps coping with the unpleasant symptoms of hangover. A pleasant, fruit-flavoured carbonated soft drink.
  • The effect of Wake Up Johnny Hangover Drink in the human body.
  • The product Wake Up Johnny accelerates the enzymatic breakdown processes of alcohol.
  • The fructose contained in the product is converted into a certain modified form of the glucose molecule, whose breakdown increases the NADH cofactor level of the body.

It is one of the functions of NADH to reduce back the NADP+ cofactor oxidized in the microsomal ethanol-oxidizing system triggered by “alcohol induction” through a special enzyme system to NADPH, which may then step back into a further alcohol-oxidative breakdown.

The anti-oxidants contained in the product enhance the neutralization of the free radicals deriving from oxidation, meaning that the well-known signs of hangover (headache, nausea) will not develop.

When should you consume Wake Up Johnny?

Before, during and directly after consuming alcohol. Any time, since this is also an excellent refreshing and energizing product.